Why is hypnosis useful for weightloss and changing eating habits?


Eating is potentially the most complex behavior we have. So weight loss or a change in eating habits is often not as simple as it seems in theory. That's why hypnosis is a powerful and useful tool. It allows you to work on your motivation, regain feeling of "fullness" (satiety), eliminate compulsions, mindless eating, overeating, binge eating. Hypnosis will also allow you to work on the emotional aspects of weightloss (change in belief systems, identity, fear of not being abble to lose the weight or keeping it off permanently. etc).


How many sessions?


It takes at least 2 sessions. The total number of sessions varies according to needs and objectives.



How does it work  ?


An interview during the first session defines the objectives. Several solutions will then be proposed (gastric band, stop overeating patterns, boosting motivation, etc.)


How much does it cost ?


150 .- / session

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