Coaching can be defined as an ongoing relationship between a coach and a coachee, within a defined period, allowing the coachee to obtain concrete and measurable results in his or her professional and personal life. A key principle of coaching is that people have all the resources they need to solve their own problem. Bearing this in mind, the coach does not seek to "fix and cure" the coachee, but rather to raise awareness (self-leadership) to  factors that could limit his performance such as belief systems, values, thought patterns, etc.

Life Harmony

Caught in the rhythm of daily responsibilities and obligations, we lose sight of our needs and stop listening to ourselves. It is in a state of mental and emotional exhaustion that anxieties, fears, lack of confidence and esteem then occur.


Through a holistic approach, life coaching brings a different light and perspective to promote self-awareness and self-confidence. 

Stress, Exhaustion & Burnout prevention

Do you feel frustrated, helpless, stressed and angry? Maybe you're even flirting with a burn-out?


It is time to identify the source of the energy leak and manage it both mentally and physically.

Professional and Athletic Performance

For all types of competitors.


Work on internal dialogues during trainings and competitions or for day to day work in a highly competitive environment. Develop concentration and optimization strategies to facilitate a state of maximum performance.

Business Coaching 

Identify, develop and optimize your work habits.

Clarify priorities and perfect your use of time. Learn how to handle discomforts (blockages, doubts, anxieties) in order to maintain an active and productive state of mind; essential for all entrepreneurs and professionals.

Walk & Talk

Walking promotes awareness and creativity.


Let's find solutions in motion.

Prices and Reimbursement

Different session formulas are proposed according to your objectives and your needs. Prices are personalized and depend on the type of intervention. Do not hesitate to contact me in this regard.


The coaching sessions are done in person in my office or by phone / Skype according to your schedule.


People seeking reimbursement should check their insurance policy . You can consult here, the list of the complementary insurance policies which refund the services of FSP psychologists .

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